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Do you need guidance and the know how to be able to properly correct
your Posture. Are you in Pain? Do you have thing beginning to niggle?
Are you sick of plastering over the cracks in your weaknesses and never
actually getting to the route problem? Posture correction program you
can quickly expect to see;

  • Injury rehabilitation and even better injury prevention: get your personal, work, sporting and social life back and enjoy your chosen activities without fear of injury!
  • Breathing, increasing oxygen flow and energy: your breath is vital in health and vitality and of course posture. If you don't breath properly - you will never manage the inter-abdominal pressure. Many clients come to me with neck pain, and on observation, it's clear they are shallow breathing using the accessory breath muscles. For optimum health and overall posture correction - we first must learn the art and power of breath.
  • Back pain relief: Kyphosis (hunch back), Lordosis (swayback) and or pressure on the low back, Scoliosis (think side bend), Sciatica pain relief (pain in the buttock, possibly going down the leg into the foot). These are all familiar to some of you reading this.
  • Better sports performance: add power, speed, and greater control. Improve results, better enjoyment from your sport as an amateur or pro.
  • Space for nerves and internal organs to function correctly. Open your body up mobilise and free up your joint space and organs. The arthrokinetic reflex - this is a joint movement that can reflexively cause muscle activation or inhibition. Closed joints are known to cause muscle inhibition.
  • Injuries resolved and even better-prevented form happening: knee, elbow, shoulder or back pain relief.
  • Improved mood and confidence, reduce your stress.
  • Understand and be armed with the tools you need for life to make positive lifelong changes for better optimal posture and health.

Let me help you

You can work with me face to face in Scotland (Glasgow) or I offer a unique 12 weeks to better posture program that will allow me to help you from anywhere in the world.




Are you Ready?

Don't let pain control your life

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