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If you are looking for help getting out of pain then you are in the correct place. Please have a look around my site and see how I may be able to help you.


I work differently to what you may have experienced in the past. I believe as health professionals we look at muscular skeletal pain/problems the wrong way around.

When working with you, I work differently to what you may have experienced in the past. The way I see it is, I believe we look at MSK pain/problems the wrong way around.

There's more than just thinking 'here's a client in pain; I need to reduce the pain and load the painful tissues around the painful site.' 

That only treats the reaction to pain...

When working with you, i'll be looking to work out;


  • Whats caused these tissues to be overloaded in the first place?
  • What's contributed to an even greater pain experience?
  • Why is this tissue irritated?
  • Why are you having this perception in this area of the body?
  • What would happen to this pain feeling if we found any areas of the body which were not contributing enough and what would happen if we could get those areas doing their job again?
  • Would this get you out of pain quicker, be more efficient and longer-lasting?


I'm hungry to find information, problem solve and get to the bottom of your pain.

I understand that pain is an output of the brain and does not merely mean damage to the tissue.

When I work with you, I see it as my responsibility to educate you on what pain is and what it isn't. I won't talk in random technical language that means nothing to you. I'll explain things in a meaningful way so you understand why your body may be organising itself in this way and why you are experiencing pain, tightness, knots etc.

When I assess you, I appreciate your dysfunctions/compensations are strategies in reaction to pain or parasympathetic dominance.

I will strive to find your true stressors no matter what body system - and will not just treat the site of the issue hopping for the best...

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