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Heel pain, plantar fasciitis, bunions, over-pronation (flat feet) 🦶 hammertoes, claw toes, burning sensation - simple exercises can rid you of these common foot problems. I have been building and refining many of these exercises for years - some taken very much from the Pilates method and some from my Podiatry background all building rehabilitation unsteady, weak, immobile tired, sore feet. Building strong foundations from the bottom up. I use very easy to get around your house items like an elastic band, balls, and towels, no need for expensive equipment that lets face it - end up gathering dust around the house. This course works on stability, mobility, alignment, flexibility and building strength. The rehab exercises can be used to help athletes build speed and agility but can absolutely help anyone prevent foot pain, get out of pain and overall improve your foundations to build strong, healthy pain-free feet. Are you ready to get out of pain and fix your feet?

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