Why would I want to do Pilates on a one to one basis?


A question we get asked lots in the studio is, “Why would I want to do Pilates on a one to one basis when you've so many great group classes on the timetable and it’s so much more expensive for a one to one session?”

The truth is, that one to one sessions are very specific to you. Group classes aren't. That really is the massive difference. 

An example of the power of an individual specific approach is when Susan came into see me for her hip problem, she's a hockey player and was getting lots of issues with her hip that meant she was having to spend more time on the bench than the pitch. She needed to get back on the pitch and - by the time I saw her she was frustrated. Susan came in, had an individual approach to her training and the results... well why don't you take a moment to hear from Susan herself  

She got an individual plan and got back on the pitch! It's important I'm clear should - Susan did have to put in the work - she did need to do her...

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I have a health condition can Pilates and Yoga help me?

The short answer is Yes - but would would ask you to contact us if you have any concerns. 

Many of the clients we are very used to working with have medical conditions or injuries that means they need some adaptations. We are used to working with clients  who may have some of the medical conditions below;

  • Pre and postnatal.
  • Back Pain
  • MSK Injuries 
  • Arthritis  (OA and inflammatory) we have experience of working with clients with RA and other inflammatory conditions)
  • Postural Pain 
  • Patient suffering with depression 
  • Fibromyalgia 
  • ME
  • MS
  • Parkinsons 
  • Joint replacements 
  • Muscle weakness
  • Partially sighted
  • Learning disability

You are not alone - yes your injury or medical condition may mean you are not able to do everything - but thats okay. We are a warm friendly inclusive  community of like minded clients and professionals - our goal is to help you Feel Better, Move Better and Look Better. Our priority is ensuring you are comfortable and...

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