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Conditions we treat

We are a team of Health Care Professionals. Here to help. 

Heel Pain 

Fed up with stabbing pain in the feet?


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Back Pain  

Suffering from back pain?



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Knee Pain 

Are your knees sore going up or downstairs? 


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Shin Splints

Getting pain in the front of your legs?


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Are your bunions affecting your feet?


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Foot Pain 

Walking becoming an issue due to pain in your feet?


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Achilles Tendon   

Getting stiffness and swelling in your tendon?


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Ingrown Toenails

With nail surgery we can solve recurrent ingrown toenails


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Fed up with over-the-counter treatments not working?


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Corns and calluses

Let us have you walking on air.



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Morton's Neuroma  

Getting foot pain, foot clicking, and or causing shooting pain?


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Fungal Nail

have your nail/s gone yellow/brown and you need help to fix. 



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