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Take control of your health back

Created for anyone looking to work their way out of injuries.

Helping you understand  your body starting at the FEET 🦶

You may be a runner, lifter, physical therapist, personal trainer, podiatrist or physician — the aim is to simplify health  and allow you to work your way out of your injuries and or pain starting at the feet.

I want you to leave this workshop with a better understanding of how the foot connects with the hip and why we get so many issues with our feet, ankles, knees and hips.

A lot of disfunction I see in feet are very often in people with no foot pain... our feet are designed to sense thus send information to your brain to tell your body whats going on in the ground underneath you. 

33 joints in your feet, 4 layers of muscles - its a busy area that for many of us gets stiff, tight and weak. I think of the feet as an indicator of problems that can happen up stream. 


33 joints in your feet, 4 layers of muscles - its a busy area that for many of us gets stiff, tight and weak.

The Problem is...

  • You don’t know  where to start, you know your feet might be involved but don't get a straight answer off anyone
  • Its in your genetics - your worried you can't do anything about it 
  • You have had the problem for years - can you actually impove
  • You think there is no hope - its just how things are you you might as well just put up and get on
  • You have tried before and failed/Don't believe in things working
  • You are too busy to make time for you and your health 
  • You feel like these is no way to improve and or get out of pain

While these reasons are ARE all VERY REAL... you are NOT unique/others have succeeded with same circumstances

BUT first, lets clear up some misconceptions

When you leave you will fully understand your mechanics and what you need to do about them. Plus have the support you need when you leave to be able to put into action what you learned. 

It's so true, you know it possibly don't fully understand it - but what happens in your feet has a huge impact  on the rest of your body all the way up the kinetic chain. 

This is your time, your opportunity to make a change, get out of pain if your in it or prevent. 



SO WHAT makes me so UNIQUE to teach you all of this....

Hello! I'm Sarah Jane I help my clients Move, Feel and Look Better.

Many clients come to me frustrated. Some in pain, feeling their posture is all out but they just don't know where to start on fixing it for the long term. This is where I help. 

I specialise in 'Postural Analysis & Corrective exercise'. A very unique and tailored approach to exercise programming. Feet are my speciality and passion. Having taught movement for over 20 years and in recent years my backgroung in Podiatry gives me a very unique expertise to best help you. 




I work very different to other health professionals, I don't just focus on the site of pain. I know from 20 years of experience that the point of pain is most often not the cause of the problem. I will aim to find out why!

'Im hungry to find information, problem solve and get to the bottom of your pain. I understand that pain is an output of the brain and does not merely mean damage to the tissue.

When I work with you, I see it as my responsibility to educate you on what pain is and what it isn't. I won't talk in random technical language that means nothing to you. I'll explain things in a meaningful way so you understand why your body may be organising itself in this way and why you are experiencing pain, tightness, knots etc. You will leave this workshop not only understanding whats wrong but inspired, energised and armed with the knowledge  to do something  about it. 

You need this LIVE workshop

And the online course to support your rehab to fix your feet, 🦶 reduce pain and improve your overall posture

At the LIVE workshop each of you will be analysed by me. Looking at your gait, assessing each of your feet learning as we analyse each of you.

Not only will you have the live event with me, with me looking at each of you, you will have my Fix My Feet online course and support. . 

You will leave with clarity, understanding and a plan you can actually do that makes sense to you

You will have my online Fix my Feet Course that you will have access to right away and after the live workshop - everything will be at your fingertips 


Fix your Feet

The foot, knee hip connection to overall improve  your posture and reduce your pain. Online course and access to me to support your ongoing rehab.

This Means you will finally have....

  • An answer to whats happening as you will be at the live workshop and will be analysed - you will get answers 
  • A clear plan you can get to work on right away. You will walk away with a clear action plan. 
  • The support and answers right at your fingertips with the online course. You get access to this as soon as you sign up - even before the workshop - so you can get started right away. 

What you get in this Fix Your Feet Program


At the LIVE workshop in Glasgow with me. We will get some answers to WHY you have pain/discomfort or tension in your body - not just your feet!


Each of you will be analysed by me. Looking at your gait, assessing each of your feet learning as we analyse each of you. We will look at lots of different conditions and discuss. 


You will have access to my Fix My Feet online training course, meaning you don't leave the live event with only information - but you have that online support and information via the course with access to me. 

All the details

  • Within TYPP Glasgow
  • Add Biomechanics assessment 1-1 with me normally £85. Book course and bio together get both all for £65
  • Online course access right away as soon as you sign up you can get started
  • Early Bird Price is £35 (will be £50)


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