Up-skill, gain some CPD, offer a new advanced service to your clients. 

Are you a PT, Sports Therapist, Podiatrist, Physio, Personal Trainer looking to up-skill and deliver world-class evidence based assessments that allow you to truly make life changing results for your clients. This course is designed to empower you with new tools or linking current tools you may have and putting them into a logical method of assessment, understanding the meaning being able to link this to your clients biomechanics and be able to design rehab/fitness based program specific to your findings.

This course will make you the go to trainer, coach, teacher, clinician in your area. 

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Objective 1

Understand biomechanical imbalances and explain corrective exercise.


Objective 2

Identify the three joints associated with the ankle/foot and know the function and movement/ triplanar movement at these joints.

Objective 3 

Know basic function of extrinsic muscles found in the 4 compartments of the foot/ankle.


Objective 4

Know the basic function of 9 intrinsic muscles of the foot/ankle.



Objective 5

Know the 4 planes and 3 axes relevant to the foot/ankle.


Objective 6

Understand how deviations from functional norms contributes to foot types and & how they can be responsible for a variety of proximal biomechanical imbalances affecting the knee, hip and lower back.

Objective 7

Be able to perform or talk your client through how to perform closed chain and open chain assessment for the foot/ankle.


Objective 8

Provide corrective exercise for the pes planus and pes cavus foot types.