7 Day Posture Reset



I help people like you that want to work on improving their posture and subsequently their overall health.

You can work with me a few ways - it can be in person or via my courses I offer online. 

I've a long history of working with clients helping them get out of pain. In my teens I ran competitively, that was short lived as I injured my knee. My early career seen me teaching many health and fitness classes, that lead me to doing my Pilates teacher training. It's here my passion for injury rehab began. I went on to become a Remedial Manual therapist and more recently in 2015 went back to university to study Podiatry as I have such an interest in biomechanics. I studied with the American Posture Institute as a Certified Posture Expert and Certified Posture Neurologist.

I've ran my own Pilates, Yoga and clinic in Glasgow, Scotland from 2003. I operate  a face to face clinic and teach posture correction programs and classes both from within the studio live and also online. 

If I had to describe what I do, really I help my clients Move, Feel and Look Better. Many clients come to me frustrated. Some in pain, feeling their posture is all out but they just don't know where to start on fixing it for the long term. This is where I help. 

I specialise in 'Postural Analysis & Corrective exercise'. A very unique and tailored approach to exercise programming.

I present nationwide delivering CPD and training courses for Health Clubs teaching movement teachers and medical professionals the power of 'Postural assessment' and movement. 


  • Postural Alignment & Correctional Specialist with over 20 years experience of implementing Posture Correction. Qualified in posture correction with the American Posture Institute. Certified Posture Neurologist (CPN), Certified Posture Expert (CPX). 
  • Continual personal development  and a absolute thirst for knowledge keeping current through trade and scientific journals, I attend symposiums and seminars always ensuring my practice is evidence based and the most current and up-to date with the latest research.
  • Dip. in Soft Tissue Therapy (SQA)
  • Postgraduate Body Master Method training with John Gibbons (The Body Master Method at Oxford University), Vital Glutes & Psoas, Muscle Energy Techniques, Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy, Kinesiology taping for athletes, Shoulder Joint, Neurological Testing. 
  • BSc (Hons) Podiatry (final  Hons year) 
  • Foot Mobilisation Techniques Glasgow Caledonian University & separate  training with Ted Jedyna podiatrist and educator Australia.
  • Clinical Biomechanics certified (training with Craig Payne La Trobe University Australia)
  • Postgraduate Medical Acupuncture & Dry Needling with CPD Health Courses Australia (taught and mentored by Dr Wayne W Mahmoud)
  • Advanced Dip. Personal Training YMCA London 
  • Fully Comprehensive Advanced Clinical Pilates Teacher (Michael King Pilates, Body Balance USA, Rachael Holmes Fitness Pilates)
  • London YMCA Exercise to music, pre and post natal health training, aqua therapy, step fitness.
  • Premier pre and post natal health and fitness program design 
  • Certified Group exercise coach including award winning fully qualified comprehensive Pilates teacher with over 20 years experience 
  • IAMT certified
  • Fully insured with Balens

"I had suffered with low back pain for 20 years, I can honestly say I now don't have back pain anymore. I only wish I had done this years ago!"


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