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What is Mat Pilates and who is it suitable for?

Trigger point pilates essentially is not a class you are going to come in and do a heavy, heavy workout. This is about fixing broken bodies. If you carry tension, if you get poor posture, sore neck, sore shoulders, sore back, hips, anything at all, if you feel tightness through your body, then you want to come and try this class.

It’s for anybody regardless if you have injuries or not. Hopefully a preventative to getting injuries, but fantastic if you have got injuries.

For example we have one client, Susan Harris,has a hamstring injury, she plays a lot of hockey and the injury has been influencing her hockey game. After the class she was absolutely amazed because she, in her own words said, she felt like that injury was gone. She could move through her hamstrings with no pain because we worked through that fascia, we worked through those trigger points, and she’s going to play hockey pain free. She’ll still have to work on that but that just gives you an indication of how you’re going to be feeling. You will feel lighter. You’ll feel like you’ve had a massage. You’ll feel like your tension points have been worked out.

In this class we use foam rollers, we use trigger point balls, we use the pilates balls, and probably yoga blocks and things as well, and yoga straps if we need them. There’s quite a bit of equipment there that we’re using, so the numbers are restricted, and low in this class. Come along and try out. You will not regret coming and trying this class.

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